Jude’s 1st Birthday

I spent the evening of April 27th getting messy with red food coloring.

IMG_3401Because on the 28th it was time for Jude’s 1st Birthday and of course he needed an Elmo cake!

IMG_3424He was pretty excited when he saw it but would have to wait until the end of the day to devour his Sesame Street buddy.

IMG_3436So instead we started the day with his favorite – scrambled eggs.

IMG_3433With his adorable Birthday onesie on (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) he got to work vacuuming.

IMG_3444And then was serenaded ‘Happy Birthday’ over Skype.

IMG_3449Grandpa blew bubbles to celebrate,

IMG_3451And Grandma baked a cake.

IMG_3453We walked Luke to work and did a mini-photoshoot after we parted ways with him. Taipei 101:

IMG_3469And the Love sculpture:

IMG_3463‘No more photos, Mom’:

IMG_3468So we hit the first playground of the day – the indoor one at the Xinyi Sports Center.

IMG_3470After morning nap and close to lunchtime, we biked over the Luke’s work (you can see how thrilled Jude is about his pink helmet).

IMG_3474For lunch we went to this place with an indoor play area. Jude was right into it.

IMG_3483He took a break to eat,

IMG_3489and then got right back in.

IMG_3488After afternoon nap we had more playground time.


IMG_3507And even made a new friend.

IMG_3518Back home I tried to get a few more photos in his cute birthday outfit.

IMG_3527We even attempted a selfie.

IMG_3537Jude was getting tired fast.

IMG_3533Dad got home and re-injected a bit of energy into the Birthday Boy. We Skyped with Grandma Elizabeth and Faith- he was loving all the attention!

IMG_3542And finally, it was time for cake.

IMG_3547We sang,

IMG_3550and sang,

IMG_3553Took one last photo,

IMG_3555And then dug in to Elmo’s eyeballs.


IMG_3560Belly full of cake:

IMG_3578Jude had a few bday gifts to open from Aunt Jen and Uncle Rob.

IMG_3591He loved the books – especially the Elmo peek-a-boo one!

IMG_3587What a great day it was!



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