Ten Months Old

Jude is 10 months old!

IMG_1077He got sick during the month so we had to make a trip to the doctor. He hated it but I was able to get his measurements. He’s 20lbs (9.2kgs) and 29.5 inches (75cm) tall.

IMG_0930Being sick was no fun, but he did get a lot of ice cream.




And have an extra nap each day (usually in the Ergo).



He even managed a few smiles.

IMG_0943It’s been a big month with 2 new bottom teeth popping through (making for 8 in total)! So teeth brushing is a daily must.


He really been cruising around exploring the whole house furniture walking – he is getting more and more confident.


IMG_0929He loves playing peek-a-boo games and chasing after us. He can also spend lots of time banging two things together testing out the different sounds, or rubbing an item against a piece of furniture. Anything that makes noise is a favorite- it’s really cute as he will bounce up and down and dance when he hears music or makes some of his own.

IMG_1155The vacuum is  also still a favorite.

IMG_1094And he’s been figuring out the walker.

IMG_1096He also spends many waking hours with a cat toy in his hand trying to lure the cats closer. When they bat at the toy he bursts into uncontrollable laughter. It’s so precious.

IMG_0976IMG_1150He still likes to be around us during the day, and will crawl wherever I go, but from time-to-time he will leave me in the kitchen and crawl back to the lounge and engage in a bit of self playtime. It’s really good to see that.IMG_1041

He also loves playing with other kids- especially if they are a bit older so he can watch what they do. So we are keeping up with our weekly playdates.


Our daily outings are also a must, he gets a bored inside all day and so we make it a point to get him out and about.


IMG_1091We sometimes have a meal out, although it usually tends to be quite challenging as Jude likes to make a mess.

IMG_0947Foodwise, he is still eating like a champ and we are giving him new things to try all the time. He’s digging his dumplings, steamed meat buns, mac n’ cheese, and clam chowder at the moment. We also do a lot of his old favorites like green peas and pears. He lets me feed him with the spoon again sometimes which has been really helpful.

IMG_1085Sleep is still really great, from 6pm to 6:30am, with no wake-ups. He goes down for bedtime and naps most of the time like a champ, there is only the odd lunchtime nap battle where he just doesn’t want to sleep.

IMG_1047The amount of things he understands continues to amaze us. He responds to simple phrases like ‘where are the kitty cats’?, ‘give to mommy’ or ‘drink your water.’. He is also babbling words like ‘mama’  over and over. I think he knows it’s me, or maybe it’s because he hears me say it so much.  Anyhow, it looks like it could be a front runner for his first deliberate word.

IMG_1060Another awesome month of being parents to this little guy.


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