Eleven Months Old

I can’t believe I am writing eleven months. We have had such a busy month and he has been a trooper throughout. We moved house and then headed to New Zealand where we currently are. I’ll update on all of these things at some point but for now, Jude’s eleven month update.


I’ve been really impressed with his ability to cope with all the change and chaos. He has continued to pretty much stick to his routine and transition pretty well between different rooms to sleep in.


At eleven months, he’s cruising around everywhere. He crawls as fast as I can walk and he stands up and furniture walks around everywhere. His balance is awesome and can stand without holding on  – but still doesn’t seem all that interested in taking a step.


He communicating with us so much. It is really cool. In addition to ‘mama’, ‘dada’, he also says ‘nana’ (for banana), and ‘gee-y-gee’ (kitty cats). He also just in the last week started singing along with us – ‘la la la la’ over and over when we sing ‘Elmo’s Song’. The cutest thing!


He still loves to share his food with us and most of the time we do the same. He is a little beggar and tries to snatch a bite of whatever we put in out mouths. He still loves bread but if I had to pick a favorite food group of the moment, fruit would be it. It’s been so convenient with always moving around to have an apple, banana, or pear in my purse.


He also this month started trying to feed the cats more. He loves dropping or throwing food – mostly for the cause and effect. In NZ, he’s been loving throwing bits of food to birds and watching them flock around him!


We have been taking him out to eat a lot more and discovered there are some really great, kid-friendly places, that are perfect for him. TGIFridays is awesome – they do amazing, super cheap and delicious kids meals.


A big first this month was him figuring out how to use a straw. I often buy fresh fruit smoothies when we are out and about and have previously tried to share with Jude but he would pull the straw out and fling smoothie all over. After some practice sucking, he finally gets it.


He is still loving his books and we miss not having more with us while traveling. I have been reading the same 3 books over and over and over to him the past week and a half!


Paper is also a favorite toy. We let him go crazy on an old Economist magazine.


He looooved it.


But it always ends up doubling as a snack.


Toilet paper too. I have had to take them off the roll as he loves unravelling it and than eating it. I don’t understand as he certainly has enough fiber in his diet!!

IMG_1399We play a lot of peek-a-boo too. He giggles like crazy every time a face reemerges. He also loves when the cats sleep under the covers and he finds them – we do ‘peek-a-boo gee-y-gee’!

IMG_1398Our new apartment if right across from a playground – so perfect as he is just figuring out what fun these giant, colorful structures are.


Perhaps my most favorite milestone this month is hugging. Out of nowhere he just started hugging us like crazy. He comes up to me and wraps and arm around me and lays his head on my shoulder, or knee, or wherever and cuddles. I adore it!

IMG_2174Sleeping is still going really well. I realized he wasn’t ready to cut down his naps so he is still getting (and needing) two a day. On vacation we have pushed his bedtime back a little to 7pm and miraculously he has managed to accept the change and sleep till 7am.


He’s always the cutest when he just wakes up and sees us for the first time.




IMG_1492He’s had a lot of naps in the Ergo this month too. On the long flight over it was the only place I could get him to sleep – as it cut out all stimulation around him. It meant that my sleep wasn’t so comfortable.


A funny new thing this month was his discovery of his nostril. He often sticks his finger in there now!


In NZ both places we’ve stayed have had stairs, he loves going up them but didn’t really know how to go down them. We spent the first day constantly showing him how to go down backwards and by the second day he had mastered it!



Proud Mom.


Oh, Jude, you continue to steal our hearts. We love all game playing, the giggles, and the cuddles.

Photo on 16-03-14 at 5.12 PM #4

Jude’s Room

We’ve got a lot going on the next few weeks. Luke’s two years of Chinese is coming to an end and we will be moving into a new apartment closer to his office where he will start work. I’ve been getting a little bit sad about leaving the apartment we are in. I really love the apartment and location plus we’ve had a lot happen while we’ve lived here – so many great memories. So I thought I would take some time to try and capture where we live, mostly so Jude can see one day where he spent the first year of his life.

I’ll start with the most important place, Jude’s room. We didn’t do a theme or color scheme, we decided just to keep it pretty simple and practical.

IMG_1255Our friends gave us their old Ikea changing table which we changed Jude on for the first 4 months (until he started rolling over).  Now we just use it for storage – diapers, wipes, sleep sacks, shoes, and the monitor.

IMG_1232The crib and mattress are also from Ikea. It’s the Gulliver and it converts into a toddler bed by removing the side. We love this crib – it was cheap and a nice, simple design. Inside the crib we keep it simple. Jude is a big mover in his sleep so blankets are useless. He sleeps every night in a sleep sack. If it’s wintertime, we turn the heat on low. He has a few friends that he sleeps with – his seahorse and Mr. Bunny both gifts from my Mom. He usually cuddles one of them to sleep.

Above the crib and changing table we put up some wall stickers, which were a gift from Aunt Natalie. They certainly make the room a lot cuter. The blanket draped over the crib was a gift from Luke’s Mom. She also got Jude the matching hot water bottle on the changing table. It’s a great way to warm up the bed before Jude gets in on a cold night.

IMG_1235In front of the bed we leave a chair. After Jude has had his bottle and has read books, I turn off the lights and sit on the chair with him. He usually rests his head on my shoulder while I rub his back and after our cuddle, I lay him down in the crib, turn on his seahorse, hand him his bunny, and kiss him goodnight.

The rug under the chair is also from Ikea.

IMG_1255Jude’s room doubles as our guest room. We just move his crib into our room when we have visitors. So we’ve always had a queen-sized bed in the room. It’s so, so handy. For the first 6 weeks of Jude’s life, we would sleep most nights together in the bed. It’s the most comfortable place (and way) to breastfeed. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept in it but we use it everyday – for changing Jude on as well as reading books and feeding him his bottle.


He has his furry friends lined up on the bed and he loves exploring their faces and having chats with them.

IMG_1238Next to the bed we have a little bookshelf and a touch lamp. The touch lamp has been amazing. It was so nice to have something I could tap on and off for middle of the night diaper changes when Jude was younger.


We didn’t have room for drawers in the room so we decided to stick a set inside the closet. We found the perfect fit at Ikea. On top of the drawers and on the shelf we store other bits and pieces, like medical things, the diaper bag, and books for when Jude is older.

IMG_1228The top drawer has socks, bibs, and hats, the second drawer has all his clothes, and the third has crib bedding and other odds and ends.

IMG_1226It’s been the perfect little space for Jude. I’m sure it’s going to take him a bit of time to adjust to a new bedroom in our new apartment. It’s going to be a bit different as it won’t have the bed but we will try our best to make it look as close to possible as what he is used to.


Ten Months Old

Jude is 10 months old!

IMG_1077He got sick during the month so we had to make a trip to the doctor. He hated it but I was able to get his measurements. He’s 20lbs (9.2kgs) and 29.5 inches (75cm) tall.

IMG_0930Being sick was no fun, but he did get a lot of ice cream.




And have an extra nap each day (usually in the Ergo).



He even managed a few smiles.

IMG_0943It’s been a big month with 2 new bottom teeth popping through (making for 8 in total)! So teeth brushing is a daily must.


He really been cruising around exploring the whole house furniture walking – he is getting more and more confident.


IMG_0929He loves playing peek-a-boo games and chasing after us. He can also spend lots of time banging two things together testing out the different sounds, or rubbing an item against a piece of furniture. Anything that makes noise is a favorite- it’s really cute as he will bounce up and down and dance when he hears music or makes some of his own.

IMG_1155The vacuum is  also still a favorite.

IMG_1094And he’s been figuring out the walker.

IMG_1096He also spends many waking hours with a cat toy in his hand trying to lure the cats closer. When they bat at the toy he bursts into uncontrollable laughter. It’s so precious.

IMG_0976IMG_1150He still likes to be around us during the day, and will crawl wherever I go, but from time-to-time he will leave me in the kitchen and crawl back to the lounge and engage in a bit of self playtime. It’s really good to see that.IMG_1041

He also loves playing with other kids- especially if they are a bit older so he can watch what they do. So we are keeping up with our weekly playdates.


Our daily outings are also a must, he gets a bored inside all day and so we make it a point to get him out and about.


IMG_1091We sometimes have a meal out, although it usually tends to be quite challenging as Jude likes to make a mess.

IMG_0947Foodwise, he is still eating like a champ and we are giving him new things to try all the time. He’s digging his dumplings, steamed meat buns, mac n’ cheese, and clam chowder at the moment. We also do a lot of his old favorites like green peas and pears. He lets me feed him with the spoon again sometimes which has been really helpful.

IMG_1085Sleep is still really great, from 6pm to 6:30am, with no wake-ups. He goes down for bedtime and naps most of the time like a champ, there is only the odd lunchtime nap battle where he just doesn’t want to sleep.

IMG_1047The amount of things he understands continues to amaze us. He responds to simple phrases like ‘where are the kitty cats’?, ‘give to mommy’ or ‘drink your water.’. He is also babbling words like ‘mama’  over and over. I think he knows it’s me, or maybe it’s because he hears me say it so much.  Anyhow, it looks like it could be a front runner for his first deliberate word.

IMG_1060Another awesome month of being parents to this little guy.