Valentine’s Day

Luke and Jude went out for a walk on Valentine’s Day and brought these back:

IMG_0855and these:

IMG_0852It was obviously Jude’s idea so naturally I let him have the first cupcake. He loved it! Instant sugar-high.

IMG_0858So after we set him loose on the vacuum (still his #1 current obsession)

IMG_0846He spends a lot of waking hours crawling around pushing the vacuum:

IMG_0861Other stuff we’ve been up to has been in the kitchen. Natalie got me this rad new Cuisinart mixer for my Bday and Elizabeth got me a steamed pudding container so I decided to try out both.

IMG_0818After mixing, I put the lid on,

IMG_0819and let it steam away for an hour and a half.

IMG_0821Jude patiently hung out in the kitchen playing while I baked.

IMG_0820And his patience was rewarded:

IMG_0827Later in the week I made Brazilian Cheese Bread. It was delicious – hot and gooey. These were made possible thanks to a friend of ours dropping off the key ingredient  – tapioca flour.

IMG_0868The same friend also dropped off two new shirts for Jude –  a polo tee and a long sleeve shirt with a bow tie. Here he is in the adorable polo:


It’s been really cold lately but the other day the sun came out and the temperature spiked.

IMG_0892It was a good thing as Jude and I had some business to take care of.

IMG_0895I bought his first car (second hand on-line) so we went to pick it up.

IMG_0896It also turns into a walker – pretty cool!

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