Nine Months Old

Jude is 9 months old!


At 9 months Jude seems heavier and taller! No doctor visit this month so I’m not sure of his exact measurements.

IMG_0120This month has been another biggie. The changes just keep coming. His ability to communicate with us has improved drastically. He expresses very strong likes and dislikes and has begun to really protest when we take something off him (usually something he shouldn’t be playing with).

IMG_9868He has been babbling like mad, only the babbles are starting to sound more and more like words. I can hear the start of sounds of words like ‘hi’, ‘hey, ‘ma’,’da’. I can have ‘conversations’ with him where I ask a question and he responds and it will go on and on. He is also clapping, waving, and giving us high 5s.

IMG_0076Jude is all over the place and into everything. We have given up on trying to contain him and just let him crawl around wherever he wants. He is so into standing now, can bend down with ease, and starting to play around with one handed and no-handed balancing!

IMG_0137He especially loves the oven:

IMG_9733Our closet:

IMG_0295And the stroller:

IMG_0211With all these new places to explore he has lost a bit of interest in his toys. The only toys that seem to hold his interest at the moment are blocks and a green ball. He is also obsessed with books at the moment. Not all books- just ones that have flaps that open and reveal pictures. At bedtime he used to drink his bottle first and then read, but now he refuses to drink until we have read through all the flap books we have. He gets so incredibly excited at the sight of the books – bounces his legs up and down, smiles, and coos. So cute. These are his favorites right now:IMG_0378

Another one of his current obsessions is the vacuum. He goes nutty anytime he sees it and loves following it around the house. He also likes when we suction his clothes.



One day Luke and I were playing around and suctioning his bib and it went a little too far:






Whoops! We all got a pretty good laugh.

We are still struggling with diaper changes. He hates sitting still and especially hates being on his back. We try to distract him but nothing seems to do the trick. Two people are required to do the job – Luke and I often remark that a third person would be ideal. He is also still protesting the spoon. So all his meals are finger foods. It’s actually not too bad as I find I can give him most things we eat – roast veggies, cheese, bread, and pieces of fruit. He always gets excited when he sees food, and especially when he sees us with food – we always share.

IMG_0302His eating only finger foods makes it easier for us to eat out all together. He has a few firsts this month including first McDonalds, and first pizza:


IMG_0398The weather has been great here so we are still keeping up with our daily outings- riding the bike, the stroller, or in the Ergo. I take him to baby play dates or neighborhood playgrounds. Although he is still a tad too young to use the playground, but man does he love to eat all the leaves.




His nighttime sleep is still going long and strong. He sleeps from 6pm right through to 6:30am no problem. It is bliss. But he is starting to cut down on his daytime naps, so we think it might be time to drop him down to one nap a day. I have come to rely on nap time to get things done!  He almost never naps when we go out, the other day was a rare exception. I loved it- such sweetness.


He is still really into the cats. Poor Fern gets tackled by him at least once a day. He still hasn’t managed to get Goose, and I doubt he ever will. She’s pretty quick.


He also took his last bath in his baby tub this month and he now baths in the bath with just a few inches of water. One of us usually gets in and sits behind him as he wants to crawl or stand up all the time!

IMG_0360 Yet another great month, we can’t believe how much he has changed.


There is nothing more fun in this world than watching him grow up.


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