Eight Months Old

At eight months old Jude weighs 19lbs (8.8 kg)  and is 28 in (72cm) long.

IMG_0569Again it feels like a month of a lot of changes. He is getting smarter and savvier by the day.

IMG_0459He is so much more aware of everything going on around him and what we do.

IMG_0557He goes between wanting to be independent of us and wanting to play with toys, crawl around and explore places, and wanting to be held by one of us (or climbing on us).

IMG_0110We have a large baby gate in the lounge which we put him in with all his toys but he starts whining if we leave the room.

IMG_0129But when I let him out and crawl around, he gets into everything. It’s so much fun letting him explore but exhausting monitoring his every move!

IMG_0109Milk wise we have also had a lot of changes. I breastfed him for the last time right before he turned 8 months. Before that, for a month and a half I was only been feeding him once a day, around 5am, as he was nice and sleepy and wouldn’t bite me (like he started doing if I fed him during the day). But then he started sleeping through that feed and was waking up closer to 7am wide-awake and ravenous. So he got a full bottle instead. And so now he take three full and one half bottles a day (around 28 ounces). He gets formula as I just couldn’t keep up with pumping that much. I feel good about how long we kept breastfeeding up for even though it certainly was a challenge at times.

IMG_0113At 8 months his daily schedule looks like this:

7am: 8oz bottle

7:15am: Breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast or oatmeal with fruit)

9-10am: nap

11am: 4oz-6oz bottle

12pm: Lunch (Some kind of protein – lentils, chicken, beef, or tofu, plus veggies and fruit)

12:15-2pm: nap

2:15pm: 8oz bottle

3:30pm: snack (fruit/cereal puffs or rice crackers)

(some days if he takes short morning and afternoon naps he will have a power nap from 4-4:30pm)

5pm: Dinner (couscous or pasta mixed with cheese and veg or some kind of stew)

5:30pm: Bath

6pm: 8oz bottle, read books, then bed.

Jude went through a solid period of sleeping from 6pm- 6:30/7am, but then this happened:

IMG_0505If he woke up, he would stand up and start walking around the perimeter of the crib. We had a few nights, in the wee hours, of trying to coax him back to sleep but it was very, very hard as all he wanted to do was practice his standing, jumping, and walking. He is much better now as he can stand up and sit back down with no problem. Now if he wakes up in the middle of the night he will just sit up, play with his seahorse for awhile and then fall back asleep. Sleep, as I understand from other experienced parents, is an ongoing battle.

Another ‘battle’ we’ve had recently is in the bath. Jude figured out how much fun it is to splash. After a bath both Luke and I and our kitchen floor would be soaked.

IMG_0070So we moved his bath into the big tub and everyone is happier.

IMG_0103It’s really fun as Jude gets super excited right before bath time and wants to watch Luke fill up the tub.

IMG_0108The weather has been a bit cooler in Taipei so we’ve been getting to dress Jude in cute hats and sweater. Our favorite is beautiful sweater and matching hat Grandma Elizabeth knitted for him.

IMG_0046We’ve also been getting out of the house a lot more. The cooler weather helps as does Jude being able to sit in high chairs and eat most things we do – including apple pie and ice cream:


We also got outside and tried out the new baby bike seat:

IMG_0061It was great fun. And, yes, he has a pink helmet. The blue one was sold out so we decided pink was better than nothing.

IMG_0054Jude is still obsessed with the cats. He smiles, laughs and talks to them non-stop. It’s so cute to watch.

IMG_0403His other obsession is clapping. He does it all the time and it always melts our hearts! It’s adorable – he claps when he hears music, when he sees his toys, the cats, or us. I just love it.

IMG_0030We are working on the high-5 and waving ‘bye bye’ next. He is getting close!

IMG_0026And before long he will be walking and talking.

IMG_0476We love you Jude!

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