Jude’s First Trip to NZ: Week 3

Our third week in NZ was the most exciting one as it was the week of Abby and Brad’s wedding. Early in the week Jude and I hung out at home crawling around,

IMG_0201and making big messes,

IMG_0203Aunt Faith was home with us most days.

IMG_0240So Jude practiced climbing up the big stairs with her (he made it all the way up!),

IMG_0244and made more messes.

IMG_0220Abby came over one afternoon and we chatted about the wedding and let Jude roll around in the dried flowers that would be thrown at her and Brad after they said their vows.

IMG_0274Brad also came round and gave us a preview of his speech.

IMG_0270We watched some beautiful sunsets from the house,

IMG_0194and before we knew it, it was Thursday and Dad was back.

IMG_0336The day before the wedding was the rehearsal and set-up. So we went along to watch/help-out.

IMG_9941Jude slept through the rehearsal,

IMG_9935But woke up in time to help with set-up.

IMG_9946The morning of the wedding Jude finally met Aunt Pearl and her boyfriend Brad. 

IMG_0304He got two new outfits from them – an ‘ABCD’ (modeled on ACDC) shirt and a batman onesie – so cute!

IMG_0309And then it all started  – Abby and her bridesmaids arrived and they began getting ready.

IMG_9948We sat back and watched.

IMG_9963The wedding was amazing. Abby looked so beautiful and Brad so handsome. I didn’t bring my camera so will have to wait to post more on it until once I get my hands on some photos.

The next morning we were predictably all pretty tired.

IMG_0333So after a leisurely brunch we decided to let Jude entertain us by playing a game Taiwanese play with their babies once they start crawling. The game is placing a bunch of different objects around the room in a circle. Each object is meant to represent a different occupation and you place the baby in the middle and whichever object he crawls to is meant to be his future occupation.

IMG_0339so what did Jude crawl to? The pirate doll! We are so proud.

IMG_0342We took advantage of having all 5 NZ Aunties in one place (+ Grandma) and took some photos.

IMG_0365And then sadly it was time to say goodbye.

IMG_0371We sure do miss everyone. Thank you for a wonderful three weeks!

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