Jude’s First Trip to NZ: Week 2

Our second week in New Zealand was without Dad but we were plenty busy as we had more people to visit including Jude’s Great-Grandma Oma.

IMG_9897Dominica and Faith accompanied us there.

IMG_9884We also visited an old friend of mine from Smith and met her husband and daughter. They have moved to NZ for a few years as her husband is the rabbi at a synagogue in Auckland.

IMG_0112The kids played piano together,


and then ate pancakes.


We also visited a very special lady from Luke’s childhood, his old neighbor, Thelma, who has been like another Grandma to Luke. Jude loved her necklaces, he was especially keen to try and grab the one with a little red button on, to be pushed in an emergency…


In between all these visits Jude worked on perfecting his technique to get up the stairs,


He also hung out with Aunt Faith a lot while I went for a run or a swim.

IMG_9906They had a lot of fun together, singing, bouncing, and playing the guitar.

IMG_9910Aunt Abby and Uncle Brad came round with presents for Jude – a new tiger rattle and wooden teething ring.


They sure know the fastest way to this guy’s heart!

IMG_9913One special night Jude got to get up close and personal with some cows thanks to Elizabeth. They were on there way out to her other property and made a pit stop on the way to meet Jude. On the weekend we went out there and Jude got to see them grazing and pat the other cows!

IMG_9934And of course we chatted with Dad everyday and couldn’t wait for him to come back. IMG_0146To be continued…

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