Seven Months Old

We took a trip to Jude’s other home, New Zealand, for three weeks and while we were there Jude turned seven months. At seven months he weighs almost 18 lbs (8.07 kgs) and is 32 inches long (81cm).

IMG_9727He is full of personality. It really seems like we are starting to see ‘toddler Jude’ emerge.

IMG_9696He is babbling non-stop, still a big smiler, but also starting to whine when he wants something (especially when he wants to be picked up!).


He has been shuffling/scooting around for a while now but while in NZ he perfected the classic crawl.

IMG_9855He also mastered the stairs at Luke’s family home. He practiced them over and over and over again, with several big falls along the way.

IMG_0016By the end of the trip he was able to get up them in a matter of seconds. His determination is impressive.

IMG_0127He can also pull himself up on things from his stomach into standing position. Now that we are back home we have dropped the crib mattress height down as he is starting to stand up in it.

IMG_0175A lot of people have commented on Jude’s extraordinarily high level of activity for a baby. He is always, always on the move. Changing his diaper or getting him dressed is tough. If I’m lucky someone else will be around to give me a hand (ie. hold Jude down) while I try my best to clean up and change the little wiggly worm.

IMG_0140So moments like the one below are very rare. We love his enthusiasm for everything but it certainly makes for two tired parents!

IMG_9743About the same time Jude perfected his crawl he started sitting up on his own really well. Before he could only do a tripod sit (with his hands in front) or sit and then topple over. But now he can sit straight up and play with toys without Mom and Dad worrying about him falling backwards.

IMG_0313Just before we left for NZ his two front teeth appeared (Best viewed when he’s crying).

IMG_0259He has also really gotten into feeding himself. He’s been holding his own bottle  a while now,

IMG_0214But just recently started refusing us spoon feeding him from time-to-time. So some mealtimes are very, very messy.

IMG_0225Food wise we are letting him try just about anything (sans chocolate and other forbidden baby foods – honey, peanut butter, etc). He loves toast with a bit of butter or avocado, beef or chicken stews, pasta, baked beans, lentils soup, apple with anything, cheerios, and cookies. He also loves water (thankfully) and goes absolutely nuts anytime he sees his sippy cup.

IMG_0012He’s still a stomach sleeper and moves a lot in his sleep. We almost never find him in the position we put him down in.

IMG_0200Another great month gone by with so many big developmental milestones. It’s  been so much fun watching Jude as he slowly conquered each one. Now, it’s time to get serious about baby-proofing!


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