First Halloween



We decided to go out all for Jude’s First Halloween and host a party for my Mom’s group and all the babies.

IMG_9537So I transformed our apartment into a haunted house and prepared lots of ‘spooky’ snacks,

IMG_9538including caramel corn and pumpkin cupcakes.

IMG_9539Then Jude and I put our costumes on (mine, a homemade Cat in the Hat and Jude, a skeleton onesie – thanks Aunt Natalie!)


And our guests arrived!

IMG_9541Halfway through the party Jude did an outfit change. Voila! A monkey!


We tried hard to line all the babies up to capture the occasion but it is near impossible now that most of them are on the move.

IMG_9557Jude’s monkey suit was pretty hot and fluffy so he was pretty happy to just lay still.

IMG_9567We snuck in another photo.

IMG_9653And soon things were winding down. After two hours of partying the babes and moms were tired so we said our bye-byes,


And Dad came home!


We released Jude from his monkey suit and let him crawl around with the balloons while we cleaned up.

IMG_9622Even though he didn’t get to eat any candy, I would say It was a pretty cool first Halloween for Jude.

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