Six Months Old

Half a year has just flown by! Jude’s now 7.8kg (17lb) and just shy of 70cm (27in).

IMG_9565And he’s on the move! At around 5 and a half months he started shuffling like crazy,

IMG_9496he can really get around and is into EVERYTHING.

IMG_9427Jude’s still eating solids like a champ. We recently introduced chicken and lentils. He basically loves anything as long as it is mixed with apples or pears. In addition to solids I am still breastfeeding him pretty much on demand. He gets one bottle of formula at night before bed when my supply is the lowest.

IMG_9470Two weeks ago I felt inside his mouth on his top gums and discovered two more teeth coming through. But instead of the front two they are the side ones – our little vampire! With teething comes a lot of drool and putting nearly everything into his mouth.


He still doesn’t quite sleep through the night but the stretches are getting longer and longer. Still, some nights, he can wake up wanting us 3 or more times.


The cooler weather has meant we’ve been getting out and about more – checking out different parks and walking trails around the city.

IMG_9593And thankfully we have yet to see any snakes.


One day was even cool enough to dress Jude in some winter woolies. He got to wear his gorgeous wool hat hand knitted by Grandma Elizabeth!

IMG_9454He looked so darn cute in it.

IMG_9444Jude rarely cries, which has been so awesome. The one time when he did recently (most likely because of teething pain) I decided to capture it on camera,

IMG_9416Because even when he cries I find it kinda cute.


We love every single day with this little guy. He is so much fun.

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