The Rest Of Our Unexpected Trip

Despite being a very sad time, we tried to have some fun moments during our trip to the US.  Jude, perhaps, had the most fun in this wild contraption – ‘the Jumperoo’ – it played music, made animal noises, and kept our little guy very entertained.  He needed all the entertainment he could get as, after the funeral, I came down with some nasty bug – a super duper bad head cold which pretty much deemed me useless.

IMG_9076Thankfully there were plenty of people around to keep him entertained.

IMG_9179Jen dressed him up as Winny the Pooh,

IMG_9145And Natalie gave him his first piano lesson.

IMG_9171Before my sisters left to return to their respective States we managed to do one final outing to the pumpkin path. I was still feeling pretty crap but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to photograph Jude with giant pumpkins.

IMG_1759He wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about but went along with it anyway.

IMG_1784Such as good sport.

IMG_1793Even managed a smile.

IMG_1794I did too.


We did a group shot to remember the occasion.

IMG_1829After Jen and Nat left, Mom and Dad pitched and helped out with Jude while I tried to rest and recover.

IMG_9182Jude would wake up at 6 or 7am and I would get to go right back to sleep thanks to them.


When I was feeling a bit better we made a trip downtown to the Cleveland Zoo.

IMG_9252We did our best to show Jude all the animals but he wasn’t really all that interested.


IMG_9246We made it an educational experience, too, by showing him just how small he is,

IMG_9266As well as how to ride an elephant (should he ever find himself in a situation where he needs to).

IMG_9295All of it made him pretty tired and he passed out before we got to the bears.

IMG_9324After the bears we came across a very scenic area of the park – perfect for father- daughter; and

IMG_9327mother-daughter photos.

IMG_9330The rest of the time we laid low – hung out at home watching ‘Elmo’s Song’

IMG_9240Sorting through old baby clothes my Mom saved,

IMG_9528And taking quick trips to Target to buy diapers.

IMG_2317We had just one night out to eat.


The day before we flew I was feeling better but poor wee Jude had caught whatever it was I had.  So I stocked up on baby advil and such to help get him through the 18 hour journey. We said our goodbyes.

IMG_9367Despite being sick, Jude was a champ. He didn’t cry once on the trip home. He must have been excited for what was waiting for him at home…


A Jumperoo!


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