Natalie in Taipei

My little sister, Natalie, recently came to Taiwan for a visit. She was only here for a week but in that time we covered a lot of ground. One of our first stops was Taipei 101.

IMG_8852We went early, at 9am, and ended up being first in line. It was a good thing too as it gets super busy with all the tour groups.

IMG_8846The view was awesome thanks to it being a totally clear, sunny day. I can imagine that if there was some cloud, or rain, the view wouldn’t be all that great. The one disappointing thing is that you can’t see much from the outdoor viewing deck because of the safety rails. So inside is the place to be.

IMG_8819 We decided to get a photo to remember the day.

IMG_9443I also took Nat along to Baby group one morning for coffee and cuteness overload.

IMG_8977We made cupcakes to give to a friend and to celebrate a belated birthday for Nat.

IMG_8983Luke babysat a few nights so we hit some of the nightmarkets including, Ximending:

IMG_8984Where we feasted on various ‘xiao chi’, small eats. Including, fried mushrooms, fresh mochi, and roasted corn:

IMG_8986For our dinner we stopped in a dumpling place where we had vegetarian pot-stickers and sesame paste noodles.


One night we went out to Guting night market and got a hair wash after.


On nice afternoon we drove up to Maokong, to our favorite teahouse, for tea,


and snacks,


and playtime.


One hot afternoon, we took a short trip out to CKS Memorial.


And to Yongkang Street for pearl milk tea,


and mango ice.


I treated Nat to a nice vegetarian meal as a belated birthday present.


And of course, there was lots of Jude time.


It was a great week and we hope Aunt Natalie will come and see us again in Taiwan!


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  1. I love your blog, Mel! Looks like Nat had a great time visiting. Jude is just adorable! It will be fun to see you guys when Nat moves up here next year!

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