Five Months Old

Jude is 5 months old! He’s 7.5 kg (16.5lb) and 69cm (27in) long.


He spends most of his day on his belly and even prefers to sleep on it.


He has two big teeth and judging by how much drooling he has been doing a third one is on the way.

IMG_9460He loves play dates with his buddies.

IMG_8953And grabbing for EVERYTHING.

IMG_9429He can fall asleep on his own (no rocking, patting, etc) and on some lucky nights he will have a solid stretch of sleep from around 10:30pm-5am.

IMG_8888Luke and I both love waking him up and getting to see his still sleepy face.


He smiles, giggles, shrieks, and mumbles. It seems like everyday he has a new noise for us.


He is growing up so fast and we can already see signs of him trying to crawl.

He is such a fun little guy and we just love hanging out with him. Yay for Jude!

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