Starting on Solids

Guess who started on solids?


With his two new teeth the first thing we did after we got back from Malaysia was go out and buy rice cereal.  Jude’s first reaction was like this.


But after a few more spoonfuls he was chowing down.


And looooving it.


Here’s his ‘give me more now!!!’ face:


After a few days taking (and tolerating) rice cereal we started adding fruit and veggies into the mix. Every 2-3 days I tried out a new puree. So far he has had: nashi pears, apples, bananas, and sweet potato.  He dug them all!


Starting on solids has meant a bit more prep work for me. He has two snacks a day and I usually give him about 2 tablespoons of rice cereal mixed with breast milk and 2 tablespoons of a puree. To make the puree I cook and blend the fruit/veg,


Then put the puree into an ice cube tray, freeze, and then pop them into freezer bags.


I pull out a few cubes each day and let them defrost in the fridge overnight.


One thing we make sure is that he eats after he has had a full breastfeeding session as at his age the majority of his nutrients still come from the milk. The baby food is just a little snack.

IMG_9436It’s been a really fun new phase. Jude has gotten used to the idea of the spoon and swallowing something thicker than milk. I am looking forward to introducing new foods/making more interesting purees and watching his reaction to each.


Milestones in Malaysia

Last week we were in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. We scored a cheap flight + hotel deal (thanks to KK only being 3 hours from Taipei), packed our bags, and boarded our flight. Little did we know the week was going to be a doozy.

IMG_9016Our first night Jude started rolling from his back to his tummy (over and over and over again) and when he woke up the next morning we discovered that his first tooth had arrived! These new milestones coinciding with our vacation meant a bit less sleep than we were hoping for but we were both very proud.


To help keep Jude’s mind off of the pain we spent a lot of time at the pool.


IMG_9145We discovered he loves to try and grab the stroller fan when it is turned on! (Thankfully it is made out of foam but we still got quite a few sideways glances from other guests wondering why we were letting our son stick his hand into the blades of a fan…).


IMG_9271Next to our hotel was an Orangutang reserve. It was pretty cool to watch them get to do their thing in the wild.


We also spent a bit of time at the beach.  Jude’s did some wave jumping.

IMG_9306Followed by a big nap.

IMG_9165Jude made a lot of friends at the hotel.

IMG_9294He was charming everyone in sight with this adorable smile.


Despite all the changes, he was so well behaved and a lot of fun to travel with.



But at the end of the week we were all pretty pooped.



Four Months Old

Jude turned four months old last week.

29f11992-6ea5-4f05-b05f-2a35bc8a13fdwallpaperHe’s an impressive 7kgs (15.4 lbs) and just over 62 cm (24inches) long.


He has changed so much these past few months. He is such a relaxed, happy-go-lucky baby.


He’s been rolling from his belly to his back for awhile now and is super close to rolling from back to belly (he spends a lot of time on his side). He can wiggle himself in all directions. On his belly on the playmat he can inchworm himself towards his toys and in the crib at night he often ends up sideways with a foot between the bars!

IMG_8508He grabs everything and can hold his toys so well now. He can turn them over and carefully inspect them. After a good look they always end up in his mouth.

IMG_8658He also loves running his hands all over our faces –

IMG_8986Putting his fingers in our noses and mouths, and grabbing whatever he can (especially hair).

IMG_8911He watches everything that moves with great concentration – cats, youtube videos of elmo, and of course us.


These two will be besties in no time.

IMG_8926Last weekend we went to Ikea and got him a highchair. He is still at least a month away from solids but we wanted to get him used to the idea of sitting with us at the table when we eat. Plus, it’s the perfect height to watch us when we work in the kitchen.

IMG_8956His awesome neck control means we can play all sorts of fun games with him.  Airplane is one of our favorites.

IMG_8661Exactly on the 28th (his four month bday) I watched as he grabbed his feet for the first time and then stuck one in his mouth. Since then he can’t keep his hands off his feet.

IMG_8743He smiles, squeaks, blows bubbles, and explodes with laughter all the time now.  We just love this little guy.

IMG_8709(p.s. Thanks to Alex and Simon for the adorable NZ tiki onesie!)