Road Trip

Last week we took a little road trip to Hualien to spend a few nights in the Taroko Gorge.


On the way we stopped and showed Jude the Pacific Ocean (my thumb managed to ruin his first photo with the ocean).

IMG_8619After our 6-hour drive we arrived at the hotel and promptly made our way to the pool.


It was Luke’s first time swimming with Jude and he was pretty excited.

IMG_8266Jude is totally relaxed in the water – he’s going to be a natural swimmer.

IMG_8281We lounged around after our swim,

IMG_8306and took photos upon photos of our little fish.


IMG_8647The next day we were up bright and early (the perks of traveling with a baby) and went for a walk outside.

IMG_8367We’ve been here a few times before but it never gets old.

IMG_8375The views inside the gorge are simply spectacular.

IMG_8681We walked around the Monastery while Jude napped away in the Ergo.


IMG_8684Back at the hotel it was time to hit the pool again.  This time we went to the indoor pool which has a baby pool with about a million rubber duckies.


It’s pretty awesome.

IMG_8401As usual Jude made a few new girlfriends,

IMG_8434and they kindly took a family photo of us.

IMG_8449We had one more night in the Gorge and then hit the road. We decided to drive back home the long way so headed South.

IMG_8753Stopping once again at the Pacific.

IMG_8744This time we got out and played in the sand

IMG_8724and the surf.

IMG_8737We stopped for a bathroom break at the Tropic of Cancer,

IMG_8706And a burger in Dulan.

IMG_8750We were going to try to drive all the way back to Taipei but a typhoon hit and so we had to spend another night in a random city before finishing our drive the following morning.

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