Jude in the US (Part 2)

In Arizona we stayed at a resort in Scottsdale. It was really hot outside and the property had the most amazing pool so naturally it was the perfect time for Jude to go for his first swim.

IMG_7500He loooved it!

IMG_7558We found a small pool that was shaded from the sun and spent a good hour in there with him.

IMG_7561He would kick his legs and happily float around.

IMG_7569On our last day staying at the resort we took him for one last morning dip.

IMG_1716Jude did some walking practice along the ledge of the pool.

IMG_1745And used Grandpa as a floatation device.

IMG_1721Seeing how much he enjoyed  the water has definately motivated me to find more opportunities for him to get wet.

IMG_1742In addition to his first swim, Jude also got to experience his first sandstorm!

IMG_7488After a weekend in fun in the sun (and sand) we all got dressed up to attend Natalie’s White Coat Ceremony, her induction into med school.

IMG_7677Here she is crossing the stage on her way to get cloaked.


IMG_7691We celebrated after by going out to a late lunch and stopping by Natalie’s new apartment to introduce Jude to Broca.

IMG_7694The night before our flight to Ohio we realized that we forgot to get a photo of Jude with a cactus. So we took a drive to the closest cactus we could find. It was in a random factory parking lot!

IMG_7710We were up bright and early the next day to catch a flight to Ohio…

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