Jude in the US (part 1)

Last month Jude and I embarked on a big adventure – his first overseas trip to the US.

IMG_7397Luke didn’t come with us as he had his own trip to make to New Zealand for a few days to attend his sister, Renee’s wedding.

After we said a very rushed goodbye to Dad, Jude and I set off to check-in and then locate the breastfeeding rooms. Taipei airport has wonderfully quirky ‘Hello Kitty’ themed rooms. They are clean and full of all the amenities a Mother could hope for. IMG_7424After a feed we made our way to our gate. IMG_7425

We flew EVA Air as they go direct Taipei-LAX.

IMG_7430We were lucky enough to get a bassinet for Jude so he didn’t have to be on my lap the whole time.

IMG_7431The bassinet attached in front of my seat (there was someone next to me too). Our flight took off around 7pm, perfectly timed for Jude’s bedtime.

IMG_7441He slept like a champ over the 11 hour flight, waking up as he normally does to eat. And before we knew it we were in LAX and I was ordering a much needed coffee. We had one more flight to go – to Phoenix – where I was meeting my parents and sister. Natalie had just moved to Phoenix to start med school and was going to have her white coat ceremony so we were all there to attend.

IMG_7444And we made it!

IMG_7613We spent the first few days just hanging out.

IMG_7454Mom and Dad first met Jude when he was only two weeks old and this was Natalie’s first time meeting him.

IMG_7473It was nice for me to get some rest with all these babysitters around.  Jude had a great time – reading books,

IMG_7640making funny faces, and


watching American TV.


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