Road Trip

Last week we took a little road trip to Hualien to spend a few nights in the Taroko Gorge.


On the way we stopped and showed Jude the Pacific Ocean (my thumb managed to ruin his first photo with the ocean).

IMG_8619After our 6-hour drive we arrived at the hotel and promptly made our way to the pool.


It was Luke’s first time swimming with Jude and he was pretty excited.

IMG_8266Jude is totally relaxed in the water – he’s going to be a natural swimmer.

IMG_8281We lounged around after our swim,

IMG_8306and took photos upon photos of our little fish.


IMG_8647The next day we were up bright and early (the perks of traveling with a baby) and went for a walk outside.

IMG_8367We’ve been here a few times before but it never gets old.

IMG_8375The views inside the gorge are simply spectacular.

IMG_8681We walked around the Monastery while Jude napped away in the Ergo.


IMG_8684Back at the hotel it was time to hit the pool again.  This time we went to the indoor pool which has a baby pool with about a million rubber duckies.


It’s pretty awesome.

IMG_8401As usual Jude made a few new girlfriends,

IMG_8434and they kindly took a family photo of us.

IMG_8449We had one more night in the Gorge and then hit the road. We decided to drive back home the long way so headed South.

IMG_8753Stopping once again at the Pacific.

IMG_8744This time we got out and played in the sand

IMG_8724and the surf.

IMG_8737We stopped for a bathroom break at the Tropic of Cancer,

IMG_8706And a burger in Dulan.

IMG_8750We were going to try to drive all the way back to Taipei but a typhoon hit and so we had to spend another night in a random city before finishing our drive the following morning.

Jude in the US (Part 3)

After 5 days in Arizona  we said goodbye to Natalie and flew to Ohio.


One of the first things we did when we got there was buy Jude a car seat and


his own special chair to sit in.


Even with all the extra hands around there were times when we just couldn’t hold Jude. Plus, there are times when he just doesn’t want to be held.  So a baby chair is a necessity.

IMG_7780One of the next things we did was to bring Jude to meet my Grandma at her nursing home.

IMG_7737Jude slept through the initial meeting but Grandma didn’t mind -she had a great time just looking at him.

IMG_7746 When he finally did wake up she had even more fun.


For the next few days we hung out around the house.





Then on Thursday night  Jude had more visitors- Aunt Jen and Uncle Rob from Chicago.


Rob came in for the weekend and Jen was staying for the week. Natalie also came to Ohio for the weekend as it also happened to be Grandma’s 92nd birthday so we were all going to celebrate that with her.


So with everyone present we headed back to the nursing home to celebrate with cake and presents for Grandma.


The weekend flew by and before we knew it we said goodbye to Rob and to Natalie. I made scones the morning Natalie flew out and we spent had some family time.

IMG_1835Our last week in the US was a blast. Here are some photos from the week:












And then all of a sudden it was our last day. Jude took a big long nap before we headed to the airport.

IMG_8004We took a few final snaps before we left (including Jude’s first time laying in grass)


IMG_8022Then we said bye-bye

IMG_8035And made our way to our plane


It was a long, exhausting journey but Jude managed to find some smiles for Mr. Lion

IMG_8046And of course more smiles for this guy when we finally got home.  We sure missed him.


Jude in the US (Part 2)

In Arizona we stayed at a resort in Scottsdale. It was really hot outside and the property had the most amazing pool so naturally it was the perfect time for Jude to go for his first swim.

IMG_7500He loooved it!

IMG_7558We found a small pool that was shaded from the sun and spent a good hour in there with him.

IMG_7561He would kick his legs and happily float around.

IMG_7569On our last day staying at the resort we took him for one last morning dip.

IMG_1716Jude did some walking practice along the ledge of the pool.

IMG_1745And used Grandpa as a floatation device.

IMG_1721Seeing how much he enjoyed  the water has definately motivated me to find more opportunities for him to get wet.

IMG_1742In addition to his first swim, Jude also got to experience his first sandstorm!

IMG_7488After a weekend in fun in the sun (and sand) we all got dressed up to attend Natalie’s White Coat Ceremony, her induction into med school.

IMG_7677Here she is crossing the stage on her way to get cloaked.


IMG_7691We celebrated after by going out to a late lunch and stopping by Natalie’s new apartment to introduce Jude to Broca.

IMG_7694The night before our flight to Ohio we realized that we forgot to get a photo of Jude with a cactus. So we took a drive to the closest cactus we could find. It was in a random factory parking lot!

IMG_7710We were up bright and early the next day to catch a flight to Ohio…

Jude in the US (part 1)

Last month Jude and I embarked on a big adventure – his first overseas trip to the US.

IMG_7397Luke didn’t come with us as he had his own trip to make to New Zealand for a few days to attend his sister, Renee’s wedding.

After we said a very rushed goodbye to Dad, Jude and I set off to check-in and then locate the breastfeeding rooms. Taipei airport has wonderfully quirky ‘Hello Kitty’ themed rooms. They are clean and full of all the amenities a Mother could hope for. IMG_7424After a feed we made our way to our gate. IMG_7425

We flew EVA Air as they go direct Taipei-LAX.

IMG_7430We were lucky enough to get a bassinet for Jude so he didn’t have to be on my lap the whole time.

IMG_7431The bassinet attached in front of my seat (there was someone next to me too). Our flight took off around 7pm, perfectly timed for Jude’s bedtime.

IMG_7441He slept like a champ over the 11 hour flight, waking up as he normally does to eat. And before we knew it we were in LAX and I was ordering a much needed coffee. We had one more flight to go – to Phoenix – where I was meeting my parents and sister. Natalie had just moved to Phoenix to start med school and was going to have her white coat ceremony so we were all there to attend.

IMG_7444And we made it!

IMG_7613We spent the first few days just hanging out.

IMG_7454Mom and Dad first met Jude when he was only two weeks old and this was Natalie’s first time meeting him.

IMG_7473It was nice for me to get some rest with all these babysitters around.  Jude had a great time – reading books,

IMG_7640making funny faces, and


watching American TV.


Three Months

Jude is three months old!


He’s a solid 6.4 kgs now, more than double his birth weight of 3.1.

He is super fun and interactive – grabbing at everything in sight. He’s also rolling over which makes us a lot more cautious about leaving him on the bed or changing table.

IMG_8272He loves sucking on his hands and often prefers them to his pacifier.

IMG_8264He loves hanging out and having long ‘chats’ with his toys,

IMG_8229And  of course with Mom and Dad.

IMG_8239We have just transitioned him into cloth diapers – it’s a bit more work than disposables but they are super cute and colorful.

IMG_1712I also went through his closet this week and took out all the clothes he no longer fits.

IMG_8143We just love having this little guy in our lives.