Gondola Ride

A few weeks back we took a ride on the Maokong Gondola, one of Taipei’s famous sites. The gondola runs from Taipei Zoo up to Maokong, a tea town just outside of the city. It was our first time riding it and we were very impressed.

IMG_6694The views were beautiful and birds singing below made us feel like we were miles and miles away from the city.

IMG_6637We both took turns holding Jude on the half hour ride up to the top.


IMG_6651We didn’t stay long at the top in Maokong as it was too hot for tea. Instead, on our way back down, we got off at one of the stops which had Zhinan Temple. We took some photos around the outside of the temple.



IMG_6717Then walked over to the actual temple itself and had a brief walk around.


IMG_6741After  Zhinan we were lucky enough to get into one of the glass-bottom gondola cars. Being up that high is scary and the glass bottom made us feel even more exposed.


It was a lovely way  to spend the afternoon and we will definitely return when the weather cools down.


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