Busy June

June is almost over. It was a busy month starting off with Luke’s Mum visiting. After she left we had  to say goodbye to our dear friends who moved back to the U.S.

IMG_8177It was very sad to see them go but we know we will visit them in their new location.

IMG_8179They kindly gave us their baby bathtub for Jude to have.

IMG_6772He loves it, making bath time a lot of  fun.

IMG_6777Apart from visits, farewells, and baths, we’ve been doing some walking practice;

IMG_6797adventures to the grocery store;


the hair salon;


and play dates with other babies and mommies.

IMG_6476_2(see the ‘Hey Jude’ onesie the other baby has on? so cute)

IMG_6510This is our weekly group of babies and mom’s that we get together with.

IMG_6493We were all in the same birth class and have babies around about the same age. It’s hard to handle the cuteness!

IMG_6517June almost over but July is looking just as busy!

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