Social Weekend

We started off the weekend by going to Luke’s language school for an end of the semester party. We brought Jude along and he was a big hit.

IMG_6203Teachers and students gathered around to get a good look at Jude. A lot of people even took photos of him.

IMG_6200On Saturday we headed to another party. This time it was a birthday party for our friends’ twins who had just turned 1.

IMG_6231Jude was awake the whole time which was really fun.

IMG_8002We had a great time socializing with other parents, eating cake and watching the twins open their presents.


After we were all pretty exhausted.

IMG_6214On Sunday morning Jude and I chatted with the Grandparents in America.

IMG_6235While Luke went on a hike with his language buddy.


Later in the afternoon I went to put Jude down for a nap but someone else was already there.


After some tears he finally settled and had a nice long nap. Long enough for me to finish up my weekend baking project – a lemon meringue pie. I made the crust on Saturday and the rest today.

IMG_6248It was fun to do some baking as its been awhile. But I’ve also come to realize I probably won’t ever bake as much as I used to again as I have something else I’d rather be doing now.


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