Two Months Old

Jude is two months old!

IMG_1367And he has just about doubled in size. He is officially out of newborn-sized diapers!

IMG_6900We’re loving how interactive he is with us now – he is babbling and cooing non-stop.


He’s really getting interested in his toys  (Mr Caterpillar is still his favorite).


We just started using the stroller without the infant carseat and he loves it.

IMG_6883He also loves when we play games and dance with him.

IMG_1389Moments like these are getting fewer and fewer as he would rather play with me than nap.

IMG_6844He’s just starting to discover his limbs. This week he’s been all about sucking his hand.


He is getting cuter and cuter and we love watching his features as well as his personality emerge.

Busy June

June is almost over. It was a busy month starting off with Luke’s Mum visiting. After she left we had  to say goodbye to our dear friends who moved back to the U.S.

IMG_8177It was very sad to see them go but we know we will visit them in their new location.

IMG_8179They kindly gave us their baby bathtub for Jude to have.

IMG_6772He loves it, making bath time a lot of  fun.

IMG_6777Apart from visits, farewells, and baths, we’ve been doing some walking practice;

IMG_6797adventures to the grocery store;


the hair salon;


and play dates with other babies and mommies.

IMG_6476_2(see the ‘Hey Jude’ onesie the other baby has on? so cute)

IMG_6510This is our weekly group of babies and mom’s that we get together with.

IMG_6493We were all in the same birth class and have babies around about the same age. It’s hard to handle the cuteness!

IMG_6517June almost over but July is looking just as busy!

Overnight in Tainan

This past weekend we took a mini-family vacation down to Tainan on the High Speed Rail.

IMG_6572It was our first time on the train and we were very impressed, not only with how fast it was, but also with how nice the train was inside.

IMG_6582Jude was well behaved for the almost 2 hour trip. He was happy to just look out the window.


Once in Tainan, we took the local train to our hotel, the Shangri-la. After resting a bit in the room,

IMG_6591We headed down to the hotel lobby for afternoon tea (in our case, coffee).

IMG_8193After we finished we grabbed a cab and headed to Anping Old Street, which is filled with various historical sites and temples.


IMG_8200(Below we are at ‘Fort Zeelandia’ built by the Dutch during their occupation in Taiwan).

IMG_8205It was stinking hot outside so we  decided to cut our tourist activities short,

IMG_8214And head back to the hotel for a swim. Luke and I took turns going as we were trying to get Jude to sleep.


The next morning Jude and I were up around 5am. (We let Dad have a sleep in).

IMG_8216After breakfast we decided to do one last attraction and walked to city’s famous Confucious Temple.


It was super hot and humid out again so we didn’t stay long. Instead we made out way back to the hotel for one last dip in the pool.

IMG_8227Then back on the train again to head home. IMG_6597

Six Weeks Old

Jude is now six weeks old..


Time has flown. He has grown so much in the past six weeks.


The ‘newborn’ sized onesies that he used to swim in now fit him snuggly!

IMG_8102He has become so much more alert and aware of everything. He also makes a lot more noise- cooing and ‘babytalking’ away.


But, still, for most of the day he is like this:

IMG_6433Perhaps the most exciting thing developmentally this week has been this:


IMG_6460We are enjoying every moment.

A Special Visit

Jude had another visitor last week  – his Grandma (Luke’s Mum) all the way from    New Zealand.

IMG_6291Elizabeth came with a suitcase full of gifts from family members for baby Jude.

IMG_6292Jude especially loved his two hand-knitted bamboo jumpers from Elizabeth.

IMG_6294We took Elizabeth to a few of our favorite spots in Taipei including, Din Tai Fung,

IMG_8012Taipei 101,

IMG_6331Hot Pot,

IMG_8027and Zhongxiao Fuxing shoppoing area.

IMG_8029We also spent a lot of time at home. There was bathtime,

IMG_8041and a special afternoon tea made by Elizabeth with three different kinds of scones (date, raisin, and cheese).

IMG_8060Her last night here she made us a beautiful dinner. We were all really spoiled – especially Jude who was showered in hugs and kisses all week long.

Social Weekend

We started off the weekend by going to Luke’s language school for an end of the semester party. We brought Jude along and he was a big hit.

IMG_6203Teachers and students gathered around to get a good look at Jude. A lot of people even took photos of him.

IMG_6200On Saturday we headed to another party. This time it was a birthday party for our friends’ twins who had just turned 1.

IMG_6231Jude was awake the whole time which was really fun.

IMG_8002We had a great time socializing with other parents, eating cake and watching the twins open their presents.


After we were all pretty exhausted.

IMG_6214On Sunday morning Jude and I chatted with the Grandparents in America.

IMG_6235While Luke went on a hike with his language buddy.


Later in the afternoon I went to put Jude down for a nap but someone else was already there.


After some tears he finally settled and had a nice long nap. Long enough for me to finish up my weekend baking project – a lemon meringue pie. I made the crust on Saturday and the rest today.

IMG_6248It was fun to do some baking as its been awhile. But I’ve also come to realize I probably won’t ever bake as much as I used to again as I have something else I’d rather be doing now.