One Month Old

Jude’s one month old today!

IMG_6092He had his one month appointment and weighed in at 4kgs/8.8lbs and 53.2cm/20.9in.


One thing we’ve realized is this little guys likes movement. Loves going on walks – both in the stroller and strapped on my chest. And just like when he was inside my stomach, he loves to kick.

IMG_5989We think the cats, especially Fern, are finally starting to get used to him but they still like to keep a bit of a distance.

IMG_5856He’s a great eater – spends about 4 hours a day drinking!

IMG_6019Just this week we gave him his first real bath. He’s a big fan, which is great for us!


He’s a pretty good sleeper but sometimes going down in the crib is hit or miss. One place he can alway fall asleep with no problem is on one of us.


He’s having a lot more alert, interactive time each day. He loves books and toys with bright colors and contrasts. Staring out windows, at bright lights and magnets on the fridge, are also among his favorite things to do.

IMG_6134Having a newborn is exhausting but also very rewarding. It’s been a lot of fun having Jude around  – he changes so much each day making everyday new and exciting.


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