One Month Old

Jude’s one month old today!

IMG_6092He had his one month appointment and weighed in at 4kgs/8.8lbs and 53.2cm/20.9in.


One thing we’ve realized is this little guys likes movement. Loves going on walks – both in the stroller and strapped on my chest. And just like when he was inside my stomach, he loves to kick.

IMG_5989We think the cats, especially Fern, are finally starting to get used to him but they still like to keep a bit of a distance.

IMG_5856He’s a great eater – spends about 4 hours a day drinking!

IMG_6019Just this week we gave him his first real bath. He’s a big fan, which is great for us!


He’s a pretty good sleeper but sometimes going down in the crib is hit or miss. One place he can alway fall asleep with no problem is on one of us.


He’s having a lot more alert, interactive time each day. He loves books and toys with bright colors and contrasts. Staring out windows, at bright lights and magnets on the fridge, are also among his favorite things to do.

IMG_6134Having a newborn is exhausting but also very rewarding. It’s been a lot of fun having Jude around ¬†– he changes so much each day making everyday new and exciting.


Jude’s First Visitors

Earlier this month my parents came to Taiwan to meet Jude.


They stayed for a week and spent most of that time oogling over and cuddling with Jude.






It rained the whole time they were here but we still managed to get out and show them a few points of interest around Taipei. I wasn’t quite sure how bringing a newborn around town would go but thankfully Jude was a trooper. Whenever we went out, I either carried him in a wrap or we pushed him in a stoller.


DSCF0940He slept most of the time we were out and if I sensed him stirring I quickly found a room to feed him in or stuck him under my breastfeeding cover. We still had a few public crying explosions but to be expected with a newborn. Here’s a few of the things we did:




Teahouse in Jiufen:


Mango Ice:


CKS Memorial:


Longshan Temple:

DSCF0927The Weekend Flower Market:


Din Tai Fung:


Shilin Night Market:



DSCF1021Brunch at the Diner:

IMG_5822We even went to a baby party at my friend’s house with two of our other couple friends who just had babies (one a week before us and one the week after).


We also did some indoor activities like bath and naptime:


IMG_5597Thank you Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) for coming to visit Jude. We had a great time and can’t wait to see you again!


Luke’s Birthday

Jude is 3 weeks old today. ¬†Time has really flown by – he changes so much every day. My parents have just left after visiting for a week. It was wonderful to have them here spending time with their grandson. I will do a post on their visit but before I do I have to post about another special occasion – Luke’s birthday.

Having just had a baby certainly overshadowed the whole occasion. I usually put a lot of thought and planning into birthdays but having Jude on board meant I had to wing it today. In the morning I made Luke’s favorite, pancakes, while Jude sat happily in his bouncy chair. When Luke went out for a swim I quickly put some decorations up on the wall while holding Jude in one arm.

IMG_5902Later in the day, in between naps and Skype sessions, I was able to get most of dinner ready and the cake baked.

I put the finishing touches on the cake with Jude strapped to my chest.




I made a banana cake with a chocolate frosting.


We couldn’t find any matches to light the candles but we still sang and Luke pretended to blow out the candles.

After cake I fed Jude and then put him down to sleep in his crib. Goose and Fern babysat while Luke and I got to hang out a bit and reminisce over how much has changed since his last birthday.



IMG_7886Jude William made his grand entrance on April 28th (my due date) at 6:19am, weighing in at 6.8 lbs (3.1 kg) and 20 inches (51 cm).

IMG_7875The whole labor was incredibly fast. It took 7 hours from when contractions started to birth. My doctor was surprised at the rate I dilated noting that the speed is usually only seen with woman having their third or fourth baby.

After the birth we spent three nights in the hospital resting, recovering and getting to know our new baby.

IMG_5099IMG_5117After ten months of pregnancy it is just wonderful to finally have him here.