Walking and Waiting

With just two weeks to go until my official due date I’m getting pretty anxious.


My Doctor encouraged me to start walking a lot more- outside, on a treadmill, and up stairs. Apparently this can help push the baby down into my pelvis in preparation for labor. I’ve been dutifully following her instructions.

I’ve been taking the stairs at least once a day up to our 18th floor apartment.


And hit the park most days for a long, vigorous walk.


Yesterday, I decided to join Luke and his language partner for a trip to a fish market and outdoor wet market at I knew there would be lots of walking involved.

It was pouring rain but that didn’t stop us.

IMG_4912The fish market we went to is called Addiction Aquatic Development. It’s pretty flash as in addition to a fish market it sells gourmet food items, has a fresh sushi bar, restaurant and other bits and pieces. It’s quite expensive but definitely fun for browsing.




IMG_4910After the market we headed to a cafe to sit down and grab a drink.

IMG_4917Once I finished my chai milkshake latte concoction I left Luke and his language partner (so they could do their exchange) and headed to the wet market to buy our fruits and veggies for the week.

IMG_4918When we got back home I got the news that my parents had adopted a new kitty named, ‘Oz’.

IMG_4921They have been thinking about it ever since one of their dear cats, Clarissa, passed away last month.

IMG_3131They still had another cat, Banshee, and didn’t want him to be lonely as he was their only cat after Clarissa died.

IMG_3133Oz seems to be very sweet and affectionate just like Banshee. I can’t wait to meet him someday.

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