Yingge – the Place for Pottery

Last week Luke and I took a trip out to Yingge, which is a famed pottery town about 45 minutes outside of Taipei City. We started our visit at the Ceramics Museum.

IMG_7830It’s a great museum with lots of history, information, and examples of the various pottery and ceramics Taiwan has produced over the years.

IMG_7833Apart from the standard pottery fare, the museum also had quite a few modern pieces such as this helmet,

IMG_7836and this iguana baby. IMG_7837

After the museum we made our way to Yingge Old Street. Before browsing the shops we had sausages and bubble tea.

IMG_7839The street is full of little shops each filled to the brim with various pottery pieces and ceramics. Most places only sell tea sets, all ranging in price and quality.

IMG_7841After we made our purchase (a new tea set) we grabbed an ice cream (inside a croissant cone) and made our way home.

IMG_7845Back home we tried out our new set.

IMG_4509Yingge is a great little day trip for those in need of a tea set. The museum alone is well worth a visit.

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