Keeping Fit

I’ve been trying my hardest to stay active during the third trimester. It’s certainly been tough as I’ve been getting bigger and a lot more tired. I find myself dozing off at various times during the day. It’s a terrible curse that pregnant women are not advised to drink coffee!

(Here I am this week at 33 weeks:)


I always thought I would be a pregnant runner. I knew other women did it, and made it look easy, so why couldn’t I? I’ve been running fora good ten years and was keen to keep it up. I gave it a good go too, running a few times a week in the second trimester (my first trimester I was recovering from my knee surgery plus my nausea/tiredness ruled running out). But as my tummy grew running just didn’t feel right. I was obsessively thinking about how the baby felt inside there while I was bouncing around. I know doctors have come out and said there is no harm to the baby  but you still can’t help but think about it. Plus my body had changed so much that it made my form really awkward. And I just felt heavy – which made it really, really hard.

So without running I had to turn to other activities to keep active. I bought myself a new bike –  a cruiser rather than a mountain bike so my knees don’t hit my belly when I ride. I have  found it much easier to bike than walk. I’m also a lot more careful when I ride – sticking to the sidewalks and avoiding and sharp turns.


I’ve also been trying to get to the pool at least once a week. To do so I had to buy a new swimsuit as I had stretched my speedo to its limit. I was unable to find a maternity suit in Taipei and the only thing I could find to accommodate my belly was this two piece in XL. I wouldn’t be caught dead in this if I wasn’t pregnant but it does the trick for now.

IMG_4271I’ve also been doing some walking here and there when my back feels up to it. On the treadmill:

IMG_4301And at the University track.

IMG_3938But by far, the best preggo activity I have been doing is yoga. I go two times a week and always notice the difference after – it really helps to ease my aches and pains.

I’m going to try to keep up this routine as long as I can. My Doctor wants me to cease all activity apart from walking when I am full term at 37 weeks. It will be tough especially if baby comes late but I suppose I should use that time as an opportunity to rest up before baby comes.

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