Third Trimester

I have finally entered the third trimester of my pregnancy.  My stomach has undergone an incredible transformation over the past seven months.

Here I am at the start of the first trimester (not believing anything is really in there):

IMG_7299The second trimester (and thinking my bump was huge):

IMG_2866And finally, the third (now that’s a belly):


I’m about 29.5 weeks today so 10.5 weeks away from my due date of 28 April. Time goes slow at the start of pregnancy but now it is really starting to fly. It’s amazing how big I am now and that I will get even bigger!


And with the growth has come all the not so fun aspects of pregnancy. Sleep has been difficult. I have a lot of back and hip pain which I try to ease by doing yoga 2-3x a week. I’ve also just recently started to get some heartburn. I haven’t had any swelling, stretch marks or leg cramps but there is still time! I have also slowed right down. Apart from yoga and the occasional swim, I walk everyday and try and do light weights here and there. But I am finding that during activities I need to take frequent rests.


Perhaps one of the most amazing things about being pregnant is being able to feel the baby inside of you. I started feeling movement around 19/20 weeks pregnant and over the weeks the movement have gotten sharper more frequent. And now it feels like the baby is playing soccer or has a punching bag inside of me all day long! I can feel and see his legs/arms pushing on my stomach. It’s incredible but sometimes can be a tad uncomfortable – especially when it takes you by surprise in the middle of the night.


I am also really starting to feel like we have a lot to do in such a short amount of time! Luke and I this week have been getting stuff together for the nursery. We cleaned out the room the baby will be in and headed to Ikea where we picked up the crib/mattress and a new set of drawers for baby. This weekend we are starting birth classes, which we will attend for the next four Sundays. I just hope now that he doesn’t decide to come early so we can get these things done!

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  1. You’re looking amazing! Can’t believe you only have 10 weeks to go, good luck with getting everything organised in time, knowing you you probably have most things all ready anyway 😉 xx

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