January: the Month of Birthdays

January is a month full of birthdays. In addition to mine, there my is Dad’s, Luke’s Mum (her 50th, in fact!), his sister Pearl’s and his brother Ben’s. I can also count at least six of our friends who celebrated bdays. January is clearly a popular month to be born.

My 29th birthday was on January 19th. On the day I woke up and baked myself a cake. Luke offered to bake or buy me one, but I insisted on doing it myself. The reason being there was a cake recipe I was itching to try out.

IMG_3630It’s a Neapolitan cake and, like the ice cream, consists of three layers of cake: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So I baked each individual layer.


Spread strawberry jam between each layer and then frosted it with a cream cheese frosting.

IMG_3632Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

That evening Luke and I had reservations at a steakhouse. This was my first Birthday in over 15 years that I was no longer a vegetarian so I was really keen to try a really nice steakhouse. So after some research we decided on No. 168 Prime Steakhouse. Next door to the restaurant is a large shopping mall, complete with a giant ferris wheel. We arrived a bit early so walked around before our reservations.

IMG_3597Once inside the restaurant we were immediately shown to our seats and the hostess, noticing that I was pregnant, brought me a pillow to place behind my back! After scoping out the menu we decided to go for the set menus, which included an appetizer, soup, main dish, side dish, dessert, and coffee or tea. There was a good 5 or 6 different choices for each item which made it difficult to choose. Luke also ordered wine pairings for his courses.

Here’s a glimpse of what we had.






IMG_3611The food was out of this world delicious. I was blown away by the steak. I was so happy that I decided to start eating meat again, I really have been missing out!

While we were eating our desserts the staff brought around a special Birthday dessert plate. We were already so full but managed to take a few bites.

IMG_3617It was a pretty special evening – my last birthday before the baby and before the big   3-0!


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