Weekend in Taoyuan Part 2

On our way back to Taipei from our weekend in Taoyuan we stopped in Cihu to check out the Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park which is home to over 100 statues of Chiang Kai-shek (CKS). The statues are old ones from all over Taiwan that were no longer wanted. So rather than being destroyed, they were sent to Cihu and this park was turned into a bit of a CKS statue graveyard. It’s a totally out of this world experience to walk into the park and see the same man replicated over and over again.

Each statue or bust is slightly different –  a different color and portrays the leader in a different way. The statues have been grouped by what looks like different times in CSK’s life and also by how the statue is posing (seated, standing, or bust).

Luke and I had a great time walking around posing with the statues.

If you ever find yourself in or near Cihu I’d recommend you  stop and check it out.

More details can be found here.

After getting our fill or CKS we headed home, concluding our weekend in Taoyuan.

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