Weekend in Taoyuan Part 1

On Friday afternoon Luke and I packed a bag, got in our car, and drove to Taoyuan.

I booked us a night in a Minsu (Taiwanese B&B) in a very remote part of the Taoyuan countryside. We decided that as part of our language learning it would be good to get out of Taipei every now and again, stay with locals, and practice our Mandarin.

After we settled into our room we took a walk to check out our surrounds. There was a lot of bamboo.

And a river with good skipping rocks.

The Taiwanese family that runs the minsu provided us with dinner. It was quite the tasty feast!

After dinner we played a board game and hung out with the family’s very big beautiful dog.

We were up early and were treated to a Taiwanese-style breakfast. The style of food served at the minsu is definitely more indigenous than what you would get for breakfast in Taipei. There were fried eggs, tofu skin, salted peanuts, and congee with mushrooms, fish, and preserved eggs.

After we bid farewell to our hosts we ventured out to Lalashan Forest Reserve – where some of the oldest tress in Taiwan can be found.

Here’s me admiring a huge, old tree.

And here’s the huge, old tree itself (2,400 years old!).

After the trees we hit up another famous site in the area, Xiao Wulai Waterfall (小烏來瀑布). The Lonely Planet rates it as a must-see waterfall in Taiwan.

It was certainly beautiful.

To be continued…

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