Baby: No Longer An ‘It’

It’s been an exciting week for us. On Tuesday we found out what we are having:

I had the Doctor and Technician double and triple check and both assured it’s 100% boy in there. We didn’t care what we were having but it was great to find out so I no longer have to refer to the little nugget as ‘it’. It also means I can start shopping. Today we made our first biggish baby purchase, a Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance.

It was on sale at one of the main baby stores in Taipei so I snatched it up. I also had a look at their baby clothes but didn’t buy anything. It did make me think though how¬†unbelievably hard it would be to find gender-neutral baby clothes. I don’t know how people who don’t find out the sex do it. Maybe it’s just Taiwan but most things seem to be very pink or very blue. The only clothes I bought so far were ones from a rummage sale a few weeks back. I got a whole bunch of gently used baby stuff for around $30 USD.

Trying to stay as gender neutral as possible actually meant buying some blue stuff. It worked out. Oh, and the orange knitted lion (Lenny) and colorful socks were gifts from Luke’s Mum – handmade in NZ (you would never find such unique, adorable things at rummage sales).

Speaking of gifts, I have been unbelievably spoiled by my family with pregnancy gift baskets. My parents and Natalie sent me a box full of goodies to satisfy all my cravings:

And Jen and Rob sent me an awesome congratulations package which included the best gift, a ‘Belly Book’, for me to record all my pregnancy memories – growing belly, scans, etc.

The beads around my neck are also from them. These awesome things are actually for the baby to chew on. They are called ‘Chewbeads’ and come in heaps of different colors – good for mama and baby. I’ve already been wearing them heaps. They’re gonna get a lot of use. They also bought me some Shout Wipes (as I will be dropping food on my growing belly) and a bag of another great American candy – Tootsie Rolls (which I had a major hankering for).

Thanks everyone for all of this stuff- for me and baby. We feel very lucky.

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