A Mostly Cat Post

This was a big week for Goose. On Wednesday she got spayed and chipped. She wasn’t allowed food or water 12 hours before the surgery. I found the poor thing scrounging around in the sink for a drop of water.

When the time came I got her all ready to go and Fern said goodbye.

During her surgery I stopped by Costco to pick up a few things.

On my Mom’s suggestion I also grabbed a rotisserie chicken.

She is the Queen cat spoiler and recommended I have some chicken ready for Goose post-surgery.

When Goose came home she was pretty out of it. We left her in the cage for a while. We tried to give her food but she wasn’t keen. When she finally emerged from her cage she was walking like a drunken sailor. We put her up on the couch and let her sleep. Fern kept her company.

Later in the evening she was ready to eat, 2 cans of Fancy Feast and a good helping of the chicken. During her after-dinner cleaning session she discovered her bald patch and stitches and tried desperately to bite them out.

By the weekend, Goose was back to her old self again. Crashing around like the Tasmanian Devil.

Our weekend has been pretty low-key. Friday after school while Luke was getting a haircut I went and got a Pearl Milk Tea.

It’s the most delicious drink ever. It’s a whopping 400+ calories but so worth it. On my way back to meet Luke at the hairdresser I spotted a small bakery selling scones! Scones are not common in Taiwan, so I had to stop in and sample.

I got a mini-cheese and mini-raisin scone as well as this mini-slice of walnut pie.

The scones were pretty good and the pie was just so-so. We stayed home both Friday and Saturday nights. Re-watched an old favorite movie (American History X) and tonight reading and having a drink (Luke, beer and me, Emergen-c).

I hope you had a great weekend.

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