Baking and a Birthday Party

Lots of baking went on this weekend.

A loaf of fresh bread was made and had with homemade carrot soup. Sadly, I lost photos of the bread and soup due to an unfortunate event involving my iPhone, kitten, and a glass of water. Many dollars later, it’s working again.

I had a big can of crushed pineapple so made a very low-fat pineapple cake with a very not low-fat frosting.

Luke claimed he liked it but I thought it was just average.

On Sunday I was up early to set out on a mission to bake 36 cupcakes for a one year old’s birthday party. It took me a lot longer than I thought – especially the icing and decorating. But I was happy with the results.

This was the final batch – I had taken over the majority earlier in the day to make sure they were what they wanted. So after wrapping a gift for the birthday boy I headed over to the party.

There was lots of yummy food.

The Bday Boy loved the gift we got him – Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar book, with a finger puppet caterpillar. We were in hysterics watching his reaction to it!

I got home just in time for some sunny floor time with the cats.

(Something I realized later was that the protective film over my phone was still on the back and over the camera – hence why these photos looks like they were taken underwater).

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