Jiufen – We’ll Be Back

We recently took a drive an hour north of Taipei to Jiufen. Jiufen is a quaint town on the coast known for its beautiful views, Japanese-style buildings, and a long-narrow street filled with little shops and food stalls that winds its way up a hill.

As soon as we arrived we took a little walk up to a look out to check out the awesome view of the Ocean and impressive hillsides filled with mausoleums.

After the hike we wandered up the famed street.

In search of a place to sit and drink tea.

We found just the place, Jiufen Teahouse. It’s a beautiful big old building filled with gorgeous antique decorations, plants and ponds filled with Koi.

We wasted away a good part of the afternoon here.

After we abandoned our table.

We headed outside to check out the view.

And then made our way back down the long, narrow street.

Stopping to sample a few treats on the way. Including these giant BBQ-ed mushrooms.

And sorbet wrapped in a thin crepe filled with crushed peanuts and coriander (a Taiwan specialty).

Unfortunately we didn’t stay for nightfall when all the lanterns lining the street turn on. It’s meant to be very magical but also very crowded. We’ll be back though.

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