A Foodie Week

I had a very food-oriented week. It was one of those weeks where I felt like very specific things for each meal. It started with a craving for a really fresh, fully loaded salad on Monday.

There is a new place located not far from where we live called ‘Dressed’ it’s a make your own salad/wrap/panini place. I have been dying to try it out. So when my craving hit, that’s exactly where I knew I had to go. It was great. The menu has a bunch of really good salad combos but I decided to make my own. It took me at least ten minutes to decide on the ingredients because there were so many.

In the end I went for romaine with chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted beets, carrots, fresh mozzarella with an aged balsamic dressing.

It was pretty expensive coming in at around $280 NTD (an average lunch in Taipei should typically cost you around $75-$100 NTD) but it was oh-so worth it.

Tuesday the weather turned slightly cooler so I had a hankering for a big bowl of soup. I had just bought some fresh ears of corn and remembered my sister, Natalie, telling me about a really good corn chowder she recently made. So I asked her for the recipe and got busy in the kitchen. It was kind of labor intensive but the result was delicious and I would make it all over again in a heartbeat.

The recipe can be found here: Whole Living Corn Chowder

This soup lasted us a few nights and it kept getting better and better. Tonight it was time to cook again. I was really feeling like tofu and veggies. I toyed with the idea of making a stir-fry but I didn’t feel much like rice. I remembered that I recently bought some puff pastry and thought it might be nice to use for dinner as the carb. I did some googling and came up with a Tofu and Veggie Pot Pie.

I had to patchwork the puff pastry a bit as I didn’t defrost quite enough for the bottom and top. But it all worked out and tasted awesome.

(I smothered mine in ketchup after this pic was taken.)

In between meals this week I have also had my favorite snacks. A girl in my Chinese class recently went back home to see her folks in Japan and brought these back.

I had forgotten how awesome these little sticks of fun are!

I also has a boatload of pecans lying around in the pantry that I have been wanting to turn into a pecan pie but never quite seem to have the motivation to make a full on pie (it’s always making the crust that puts me off). So I thought a good (and probably healthier alternative) would be to candy them. I followed this recipe from Allrecipes: Sugar-Coated Pecans

I made a huge jar of them and by the second day the above was all we had left.

And finally, if you aren’t hungry yet, I made my Vegan Banana Bread and spruced it up by adding some chocolate chips.

I had a very happy husband this week.

Now it’s time for us to hit the gym.

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