Luke’s First Taiwan Tri

This past weekend Luke and I travelled south of Yilan to a lake called ‘Meihu’ for his first triathlon in Taiwan. The location was ideal for a triathlon as there was a lake which had a running track around it and the surrounding roads were nicely paved (and flat). Ideal conditions for a tri. Luke’s many months of training certainly paid off come race day.

Here he is waiting at the start line with other gentlemen in light blue swim caps (which grouped together men between the age of 26-35).

It was always pretty easy to spot Luke as (a) he was one of the few foreigners and (b) he was wearing a super flourescent orange suit.

Luke managed to make a few buddies while waiting for his turn at the start line.

Here’s Waldo on the last leg of the 750 meter swim. (Note that most Taiwanese frog-swim. This made it very hard for Luke to maneuver around them).

I caught him just after the swim on his way to the transition area where he traded his swim cap for a helmet and jumped on his bike.

I caught him again post-20 km cycle transitioning for the last leg; the run.

Here he is launching into the 5 km run.

And finally, racing towards the finish line. Looking strong.

Hooray! He finished in 1 hour 24 mins. A very solid time for a first timer.

It was a super cool event and he even got a free blue popsicle.

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