One Month Post-Op, Inside Our Fridge, and a Birthday

It’s been one month since my knee anthroscopy. I have been amazed at how quickly I have been recovering. Aesthetically my knee looks pretty good. Just a few small holes where the scope went in.

I still don’t have full mobility and experience pain from time to time, when I attempt something I’m not ready to (like a front crawl when swimming, or a speed walk). The worst pain actually comes when I squat. A lot of the women’s toilets around Taiwan are squat-style, so if I really, really have to go I’ll squat down but then have a hard time getting up and am in agonizing pain.

But on the up-side: two weeks after surgery I was back on my bike (at a very slow pace), back in the pool (doing a very cautious one-legged frog stroke), walking pretty normally (without a cane, minor limp,  struggled with stairs and could only use my good leg to get up/down them).

Now, four weeks later, I can bike much faster (still not normal speed), swim (two-legged frog, experimented with front crawl today but still have pain), walk fine and can use both legs going down stairs but I am still struggling going up stairs.

Last night I attempted a few yoga moves but the deep knee bends were quite sore so I eased off.  Part of this might be that I have lost a lot of muscle in my left thigh. It is noticeably smaller that the right. I am going to have to work on rebuilding that strength so I don’t continue favoring my right leg.

To celebrate my one month post-op I took a trip to Costco as our fridge was in dire need of restocking.

Best Costco buy and my favorite thing in our fridge right now? Hands down, this massive jar of artichoke hearts:

My second favorite fridge item (although not from Costco) are these lychees:

Our freezer is equally stuffed full of goodies.

My favorite thing in here? Wild blueberries:

If the last three things I ate were blueberries, lychees and artichoke hearts, I’d die a happy woman.

In more exciting news today is a very special someone’s birthday, my second cousin, Josie.

Like me, Josie is a big cat lover, so I did my best to have Fern and Goose pose in a special birthday photo for Josie. This was the best I could do:

Happy Birthday Jos! We hope you have an amazing day!

Love, Mel, Luke, Fern, and Goose

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