More adventures with Cam and Gin

Ginny’s 30th Birthday may have been the highlight but we managed to do so other cool stuff around Taiwan while Cam and Gin were here.

We took a mini-road trip to Taroko Gorge.

And stayed a night in the glorious Silks Place.

Wine was consumed and cigars were smoked.

We ate a boatload of a food.

And we celebrated Gin’s birthday once more.

Back in Taipei we got on our bikes and hit up the Shida night market.

Luke was keen for our guests to sample Taiwan’s more unusual culinary delights.

On the tasting menu that particular night: Pig’s blood. Cam not keen.

One stunning afternoon we got back in the car and drove up to Maokong.

Tea was drunk and stories were told.

Ending the night at Bongos for a hit of western-style hamburgers.

We enjoyed a few morning walks through Daan Park (complete with a foot massage).

One sweltering day we took our bikes and sun-brellas out the CKS Memorial.

A tasty lunch of dumplings was eaten at the Golden Chicken Pot on the famous Yongkang St.

The last night Cam and Gin were here we went out to Ximending and then to a Japanese BBQ place for grilled meats and copious amounts of beer (which sadly I had to miss as I was sooo exhausted).


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