‘Twas the Weekend Before Surgery

My knee surgery is tomorrow so Luke and I decided to make the most of the weekend and get out and explore.

Friday after meeting with our Chinese tutors we checked out this place down the road called, ‘The Witch House’.

It’s well known for being a place where you can grab a drink, fried food, and play board games.

They are also very well known for having a very sexually explicit menu and for being a lesbian hang-out.

We indulged in drinks, fried foods, and a game.

Saturday was a beautiful day so after my last big pool swim, Luke and I took the car for a drive out to the Danshui. Danshui is a popular seaside town for locals to visit. It has a great carnival-like boardwalk and has great little cafes to sit and enjoy the view.

After hydrating we took a walk up to see Fort San Domingo from the 1626 to 1641 Spanish occupation. As well as the former British consular residence, located right next to the fort.

After we made our way back down to the waterfront and found a nice spot to watch the sunset.

After the sunset we walked back along the boardwalk which was packed full of families and couples.

It was a great way to spend our last evening together for the two nights. I’m off to the hospital now and will report back post-op!

Oh, and I of course I should mention that today is a very special day as Luke’s beautiful sister Abby turned 21!


Abby and her fiance, Brad

Abby and her fiance, Brad

We love you lots,

Mel and Luke

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