School’s Out

This week was our final week of classes. The semester concluded with a speech. This semester Luke and I did a joint speech on our trip to Nepal. We spent heaps of time preparing for the speech beforehand.

We practiced in our building’s ping pong room:

We practiced in the park:

At an outdoor cafe:

Until finally it was time.

We took our seats here, in front of our Chinese name plates, and gave our 10 minute speech.

It went great! It was good to see just how far we’ve come since our last speech. Unfortunately we couldn’t celebrate right after our speech as we still had one more class to get through so it was back to the library:

After class we were all about celebrating with Belgium waffles!

We also decided to venture out into the big smoke to have dinner.

We ended up going to one of our favorite food courts for Korean:

After we walked around enjoying the warm air and interesting city sights.

This weekend we are catching up on sleep, housework and all the other things we neglected during the semester!

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