Cockroaches and a Stink Egg

This week started with a cockroach.

These sneaky things come in through the drains from time to time. Thankfully our cats, being Taiwanese, are expert cockroach hunters. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance. It really tired them both out as the rest of the day they spent like this:

We were also quite tired Monday morning as Saturday night we decided to take the car for a mini road trip. We drove an hour out of Taipei to Wulai.

The drive to Wulai is very scenic. It amazed me how quickly the city ended and the country hills began. Our car handled the twisting and turning road really well making for a comfortable ride.

We got to Wulai around 6.30pm and headed down to the natural hot pools just as the sun was setting. I took these photos of us swimming in the river just before we made our way to the hot pools (which are incredibly hot). You can spot Luke in there.

After we dried off we made our way over to the lights which turned out to be a little night market. It was slightly more touristy than the ones near us in Taipei city but we were hungry and were able to find a few tasty things to nibble on.

We tried some of the rice cooked inside bamboo from this stand.

And a preserved egg from this stand:

I couldn’t bring myself to try one of these gnarly looking things that Taiwan is well-known for. Luke did though. You’ll see from the photos that he probably won’t be eating any more.

Stink egg.

I hope you all have a good week. We’ve got Typhoon Saola on it’s way and things are getting wet and windy around here…

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