Ice Monster

It was a smoking hot week. Tuesday was the hottest pulling in at 100 degrees F (38 C). But it feels even hotter thanks to the intense humidity we get here.

To cool off we decided to make a trip to the famed Ice Monster after our classes. Ice Monster has a reputation for making some pretty awesome shaved ice (a famous Taiwanese dessert).

There is only one Ice Monster in Taipei so there is always a line. We went at around 3pm thinking we would beat the work crowd. But we were wrong and ended up having to wait about 25 minutes. Not fun in the heat.

Thankfully there was some entertainment in the form of these awesome early 90’s advertisements for the store selling suits next door (a la Zack Morris). I think these guys just made a big business deal: 

And these guys in the middle of a cut-throat negotiation:

As we got closer the Ice Monster staff provided us with a menu to remind us why we were subjecting ourselves to this pain.

When we finally got near the front of the line, they took our orders and we paid.

This was great as shortly after we were seated we were presented with these delicious monstrosities. Yum. Well worth the wait.

After a sweaty MRT ride home we came in and found the cats like this.

They were obviously very well-behaved while we were away so I decided to let them have some supervised deck time as a treat. Cats go wild for sun warmed tiles.

At the end of this long, hot day we all did this.

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