A Quiet One

We’ve had a fairly quiet weekend over here. We kicked off our weekend with a monster beer and fries.

The brewery actually had larger sizes but we didn’t want to get too silly.

The rest of our weekend has been pretty low-key. We’ve been hanging with the cats, getting to know Goose a bit better.

One thing we’ve certainly noticed is that she is really into the computer. She especially likes watching Hot Chip music videos

and The Matrix

Fern has also been getting to know Goose better.

There’s still a lot of full on brawls but mixed in with these cat fights are nice scenes like these:

Besides playing with cats I also managed to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things and spotted these gnarly looking things:

I know they are considered a sort of delicacy but I just wouldn’t ever be able to bring myself to do it. It’s the thought of their nails they have been scratching with and all the little bones…uuuuhhhh

To contrast those feet here is a photo of the beautiful sunsets we have been seeing lately.

This scene is from the patio off our kitchen so it’s nice cooking dinner with a view like this.

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