Deputy Secretary Goose

Meet Goose.

Goose is a 2 month old kitten we adopted from the SPCA. She’s teeny tiny.

And super cute pretty much when she does anything.

Fern wasn’t so big on the idea of this little ball of fluff at first but now she’s starting to come round.

Each day  they have been getting a little bit closer to one another.

Fern’s a little more relaxed.

And they’ve even started playing together.

Although most of the time they play like this (Typically with Goose in a headlock).

There are nice moments when we hear nothing but big purrs coming from both of them.

Because Fern has been so awesome we have decided to promote her to ‘Chairwoman Fern’ and Goose will be her Deputy Secretary.

I’m certain they’ll be best friends in no time.

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