A Tasty Afternoon

Luke and I spent Saturday afternoon with two of our friends at  Jodies Kitchen. Jodie teaches Taiwanese cooking classes in her home not far from Taipei 101. The course we went on was four hours long and covered the basics of Taiwanese cooking. The class was excellent and Jodie provided us with a lot of information on what Taiwanese eat, how they eat it, why they eat it, and most importantly, how to buy and prepare it.

There are traditional markets all over Taipei but coming from the West we find the markets intimidating as we are used to shopping in supermarkets with set prices and clear signage. So Jodie explained why it is better to shop at the markets and most importantly when. Over the course of four hours Jodie demonstrated how to make about 7 different things. Despite not us not cooking, the class was very interactive as she allowed us ask so many questions and of course we got to eat everything she made. Delicious. Here’s a taste of our afternoon:

We learned how to make soybean milk (a staple of my diet).

A number of different sauces and oils which we sampled on various vegetables.

A delicious spicy and sour soup.

More sauces and vegetables

Traditional Taiwanese tea making

A sweet and spicy pineapple dessert

We had a great time with Jodie. She was one hip chick and taught us so much.

We’re armed and ready to start cooking as the Taiwanese do.

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