Lóngshān Sì

Last weekend we went and checked out the Longshan Temple (or  艋舺龍山寺/Lóngshān Sì) in Taipei. It is one of the most popular sites in Taipei and for a good reason. The reasonably sized temple is located smack dab in the city. it was built-in 1738 and locals to this day still come here for their daily worship. The temple is sometimes refered to as ‘the meeting place of the gods’ as a number of deities can be worshipped here.

Inside the temple:



Exquisite architecture

A nice place to hang out:

The area around Longshan temple is really interesting as well. The surrounding alleyways are home to a number of traditional markets and medicine (herbal) shops, fortune tellers, and calligraphers.  The controversial ‘Snake Alley‘ is also close by and just outside the alley you will find an abundance of ladies of the night.

There were also quite a few stores selling statues of deities and even Buddhist Appliances whatever that means.

We went to the Temple during the Dragon Boat festival races hence why it was so quiet. We’re both keen to go back though early in the morning or at night when most people go there to worship.

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