Goose City

It’s Dragon Boat Festival weekend over here. The Dragon Boat races are held on Saturday. We decided not to go this year as it would be hot and crowded and next year Luke may race.

So to celebrate, on Friday night, we went to Goose City for dinner with a group of friends. It was wild. As you walk in there is a display shelf full of different kinds of fresh fish and other types of seafood. Basically, you pick your fish/clams/mussels, specify how you want it cooked and pick out some side dishes.

The first dish to come out was actually on the house. Peanuts and fried fish eyeballs. Seriously…fish eyeballs. I managed to stomach one of these chewy little delicacies.

Apart from eyeballs, we have sashimi, barbecued fish, steamed clams, prawns, and an assortment of other meats and green side dishes.

Apart from food a lot of beer was consumed. This seemed to be the norm throughout the restaurant. As the night wore on the place got quite rowdy. A table to Taiwanese sitting close by started to talking to us and then drinking with us.

It was a riot. After dinner we wandered the street outside, which was filled with little food stalls, in search of dessert. We ended up get fresh fruit smoothies. Delicious.

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