Summer Semester

This week we started our second semester of studying Chinese. And we’re already tired from all the study!

Luke and I each have three one-on-one classes everyday. We even have our classes at the exact same times which means we will be spending a lot more time with each other than last semester. So this week has been all about getting our routine in place and getting a feel for our new teachers and what they expect of us. We’ve already realized how hard this semester is going to be. Our teachers have pretty much stopped talking any English to us and are in full-on Chinese mode. Typhoon Talim is meant to be blowing over Taiwan sometime today. I hate to say it but it wouldn’t be such a bad thing as we would get a day off school which we both already need! Not a good sign.

On a more positive note we’ve both noticed how much we have improved since we started 10 weeks ago. This semester is going to help us improve even more. We’re both looking forward to being able to have conversations with the locals. It will also open up the number of new opportunities to us (Such as eating at this place which always has a long line but we don’t know what it sells):

I am also looking forward to reading signs like this one in Chinese (as I’m sure it will make more sense in Chinese than it does in English)

In other news, Fern’s water obsession is out of control. She demands to be in the bathroom whenever one of us is in the shower. She also peeps at me when I take a bath.

We’re not sure what to make of this  – should we be concerned?

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